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By : C. W. Lesher

a Martin McGuire film
Martin McGuire / Director 

a Martin McGuire film Announces Post Production and crowd funding for “Never Say I Can’t” - “The Manuel Salazar Story”


Denver, CO. – a Martin McGuire film is proud to announce the Indiegogo campaign to finance Post Production for “Never Say I Can’t” – “The Manuel Salazar Story”, a documentary feature starring Manuel Salazar, Coco Saltzgiver and directed by Martin McGuire. Due out Mid to Late 2014.

Have you ever been stared at, pointed at or laughed at in public?  “Never Say I Can’t” – “The Manuel Salazar Story” is the tale of two seemingly broken people who come together through a horrendous work related accident to rebuild their lives and struggle to achieve the American Dream. Manuel Salazar was raised a Hispanic male in white Arkansas. Although he always felt out of place as a child as the only brown face in a sea of white. Manuel excelled at school, hobbies and life. At the tender age of 24 Manuel had achieved the American Dream. He had a beautiful, loving wife, two step-children, two pets, a good job, a house and a car. Life was good. Then in an instant he was hit twice by 115,000 volts of electricity on the job leaving him a quadruple amputee. After months of hardship and struggle his wife and kids leave him divorced, alone and with no way to care for himself. Manuel’s life is spinning out of control as he is addicted to numerous pain medications and gaining a lot of weight through depression and lack of physical exertion. Enter Coco Saltzgiver his main caregiver for the next eight years. Coco is a lesbian woman born and raised among Mormons in Utah. Always having felt out of place her older sister Karen was her pillar of strength. When Coco is 19 her father dies a year later Karen is brutally murdered. Her life in complete turmoil Coco turned to helping others as a profession. Years later Coco survives breast cancer and mastectomy. She met Manuel about a year after his accident and together the two of them set out on an adventure of self-exploration and empowerment we call “Never Say I Can’t” – “The Manuel Salazar Story”. You’ll see these two unbeatable characters create and check off a bucket list able bodied people may not complete in a lifetime. Manuel and Coco have suffered the slings and arrows of sexual, racial and disability prejudices. Watch as our characters deal with these ugly indignities through love, acceptance and understanding. Baseless discrimination and bullying are ugly factors in any society, Martin McGuire a truly independent Producer was truly inspired by Manuel and Coco’s story and turned their hardships into a 10 year Labor of Love. Now out of money he needs the public’s help finishing his film.  He has turned to crowd funding and is currently running a campaign on If you’d like to know more or to donate towards the film’s post production Go to, look up Films, Search for “Never Say I Can’t” – “The Manuel Salazar Story” and make your contributions. Mr. McGuire would like to thank all those have helped or are interested in his project.

Manuel Salazar and Coco Saltzgiver star in this movie, this is a breakthrough performance and a moving tale that will empower any audience member to say to themselves – “If he can do it - I sure as hell can!”

People have said, they believe Manuel Salazar may be a fallen angel, come to Earth to teach people the powers that reside within each of them.

Never Say I Can't [Official Teaser]

By : Martin McGuire

Be sure to check out the Official Teaser trailer for Never Say I Can't: The Manuel Salazar Story! There are plenty more videos to see on the Videos page, as well as on our YouTube Channel! If you haven't already, visit our IndieGoGo fundraising campaign and make a donation to the film.

Never Say I Can't [Official Trailer]

By : Martin McGuire

Here is the Official Trailer for Never Say I Can't: The Manuel Salazar Story. Many, many hours went into the making of this promotional, story-driven trailer to give you a peek into the amazing journey of Manuel Salazar. There are plenty more videos to see on the Videos page, as well as on our YouTube Channel! If you haven't already, visit our IndieGoGo fundraising campaign and make a donation to the film.

By : C. W. Lesher
We now have our very own YouTube Channel. We already have several videos for you and will continue to add videos in the future as the project progresses. Please share our channel with your friends, tell them to visit our IndieGoGo page to donate, and if you haven't already - Go to the IndieGoGo page yourself to make your contribution to this amazing film.

YouTube Channel:
IndieGoGo Fundraiser:

IndieGoGo Fundraiser

By : C. W. Lesher
 Please help us reach our $25,000 goal!

Our IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign has officially started and we need your help to reach our $25,000 goal. It’s very difficult to place a number on success. We are asking for $25,000 in funding. We believe that is the minimum amount it will take to properly finish the film at a level that represents Manuel and his amazing comeback story. The more money we raise, the better chance we have to reach the international audience that Manuel deserves.

Much of the work has already been done. For several years since Manuel’s accident, the film’s creator, Martin McGuire, has put in his time and money to bring the project to this point. The production side of the film, for the most part, is complete. What the film really needs is funding for post production and distribution costs. We want what’s best for the film and we would rather not cut corners as we come down the home stretch.

Please share Manuel’s story with your friends and family and help us spread the word about Manuel, this film, and our cause. Don’t forget to follow us on the film’s facebook page and the project’s website. They will be updated periodically with clips from the film, mini-biographies, and news about the project’s progress.

You can help us raise the money weed need to finish Manuel's story by clicking this link: , clicking the image above, or visiting the "Donate" page of this blog by clicking the red "Donate" button at the top of the page.

Thanks! We hope to see you at the movies!

Bio: Composer/Musician Jerome Gilmer

By : C. W. Lesher
Jerome Gilmer is an eight time Emmy Award winning composer, producer and pianist living in Denver, Colorado.  He has written and produced hundreds of original musical works for film, video and records, for many of the largest (and smallest) businesses in the US and internationally.
Gilmer has lived and worked in Denver since 1976. He funded his move to Denver with money earned working on the Steven Spielberg movie, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” on which he helped create special musically coordinated lighting effects for the final scenes.  Since settling in Colorado, his music has been heard in markets across the country and internationally. His song, “This Is Colorado,” was for many years a staple in the state’s school music programs. His work for KCNC-TV helped the station forge an image as a leading news channel.
He was musical director for the Inaugural Gala of Denver’s Pepsi Center, featuring the Arapahoe Community Orchestra, jazz recording artists Dotsero, the Eternal Life Singers and an aerial ballet by Debra Brown, choreographer for Cirque du Soliel.  He composed and produced theme packages for the Colorado Rockies and the Denver Nuggets. He produced a theme for the BBC’s “Summer Sunday” series and his theme and underscore for NBC’s award winning “News For Kids” played in over 150 markets throughout the US. As a contributor to the OmniMusic Production Music Library his work has been heard in programs around the world, including the Late Show with David Letterman.

He was a contributing composer on Animal Planet’s “Breed All About It” series. He has scored two of Chrysler Corporation’s “Mission” films and one for Intelsat. He produced news and promotional music from 2002 until 2011 for the 28 station Hearst-Argyle Television Group and has received eight regional Emmys from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and a Silver Muse from the Promax association for broadcast professionals.

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